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LCHF / Low-carb with weight loss

A Low-Carb Diet for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Can I lose weight by eating LCHF / LOW-CARB? LCHF and weight loss is probably the big question there is… Many people initially seek out LCHF due to the desire for weight loss, and many also experience being able to lose weight without having to feel hungry all the time. Others experience a large weight …

LCHF #8 Beginner Mistake

Is ground beef OK on keto?

#1 To get lost in the detail Getting lost in the detail before the basics are in place “I can not stand almonds, my husband does not like cabbage, I do not like blueberries, I do not eat cauliflower, I meet early for work, my supermarket does not have coconut sugar” It’s all unimportant. Whether …

What is LCHF?

What veggies are LCHF friendly?

LCHF is short for Low Carb High Fat and is an expression of eating – a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high on fat. Actually, you can say that you have turned the food pyramid upside down, saying goodbye to all grain products, starchy potatoes and then of course sugar. I have also …