About US

Who is behind “Love Keto Food”

My name is Mike and my wife’s name is Nat. We are 43 and 41 years old. We have 2 lovely children Timothy 15 and Zoe 10. We love cooking within Keto and LCHF.

Here on the blog we will show our version of keto and LCHF and how we do it in everyday life with the kids.

What drives us?

We are primarily driven by giving people the experience of being in a body where one is no longer enslaved by the urge for sugar, fast energy and frequent meals.

It may sound a little strange, but for many it is a completely new experience to be able to walk many, many hours without eating and without going sugar cold and not having to buy all the unhealthy in desperation for fast energy.

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Love from Nat and Mike

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