14-Day Keto Meal Plan with Recipes & Shopping Lists

Here are 3 rules so your Keto journey starts easily.

The keto diet plan should be used for 14 days. And after the 14 days, you have a Keto eating foundation that you can build on.

Rule No. 1

Plan ahead

Rule No. 2

Shop for several days at a time

Rule No. 3

Make double portions so that there is extra for lunch or dinner the next day

A very easy Keto diet plan must not be confusing and not everyone will spend too much time in the kitchen and the goal is ketosis. Then you can always come up with several different dishes later.

The focus is on getting the body into ketosisRead all about Ketosis here

This super easy keto diet plan is all about simplicity. Stick to the same breakfast and lunch, but switch dinners between 3 to 5 different dishes and find 2 snacks or desserts you like. It makes it easy to shop and you will not be tempted so easily.

Scrambled eggs and bacon. Fantastic breakfast


1. Fried eggs and sausage or bacon

2. Bacon or sausage and scrambled eggs

3. Dinner from the day before


1. Wrap with different fillings, such as salmon with avocado and cream cheese, thinly sliced ​​meat with cheese or cream cheese or tuna salad – Easy Egg wrap with baby spinach, avocado, pesto and salmon

2. The dinner from the day before

Keto Meatball dish with fresh mozzarella
These mozzarella-filled meatballs or just meatballs filled with cheese we are very excited about at home and the kids love them,


1. Minced beef or chicken (You can make many different dishes with minced meat, of course also lamb or pork)

Find some keto dishes with minced meat that suit you.

2. Salmon steaks with sqaush – Baked salmon with squash or zucchini pasta

3. Steaks with garlic butter and broccoli

4. Oven baked chicken breasts – easy keto chicken dinner – Youtube: Easy KETO chicken with tomato and grated cheese


1. Tomato with grated cheese – Very easy Keto snack – Youtube: VERY EASY TOMATO SNACK

2. Keto bread with cheese and ham


1. Greek yogurt with berries – Very Easy dessert – Keto and low-carb for the family – Youtube: Super Easy Dessert

So that was our (The Easy Keto diet plan) the way to ketosis.


Love from Nat and Mike

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