This is our recipe for how a Low-Carb hollandaise sauce should taste.

Sauce hollandaise is made from egg yolks and butter and it is not hard to make. So it’s just in Keto style.

Difference between LCHF hollandaise and bearnaise

Both are made from egg yolks, which are whipped up with large amounts of melted butter, and the two sauces must not get too hot.

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They are used for a wide variety of dishes.

The sauce bearnaise is perfect for beef steaks, beef fillets and culottes, while hollandaise goes perfectly with fish and salmon in particular.

For 4 people

What to use:

3 Pasteurized egg yolks
2 tbsp lemon juice
300 lb butter
Salt and pepper
1 tbsp dill

Who to do:

You can make hollandaise sauce over a water bath, but it is not necessary. As long as you make the sauce on low heat, you will avoid it separating.

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Tips: Should the accident be out, well then you can whip it together again with a little water.

  1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and set aside.
  2. In another saucepan (or smaller saucepan) you get the pasteurized egg yolks.
  3. Whisk it lightly over low heat on the stove.
  4. Then add the butter gradually and carefully. Start by whipping a bit of the melted butter into the egg yolks, and gradually you can whip a thin stream into the sauce.
  5. But do not add the butter faster than you can make it bind in the hollandaise. It sounds difficult, but it is not!
  6. Continue whipping – still on low heat so that the sauce does not get so hot that it begins to separate.
  7. Season the hollandaise with a little lemon juice, salt and white pepper. You probably don’t need that much salt in it, as the butter has melted.
  8. Serve immediately and pour any remaining into a sauce bowl as the hollandaise collapses if left on the stove.

Bon appetit

Love from Nat and Mike

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