This salmon tartare with avocado is one of our favorite dishes when it’s hot.

It is cool and super tasty and filling. You can make it from both fresh or smoked salmon, and both are easy to make and super delicious in taste.

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It is a luxury lunch. At least for us and then it’s great that it is made in a short time. If you have packed your fresh salmon in 1 to 2 person portions in your freezer. Because it actually makes it incredibly easy to pick up a single piece and get ready for a delicious salmon tartare for lunch or salmon steaks for dinner.

Tips for a lunch dish:

Can be served with a delicious Nordic ‘stone Age’ Nut and Seed Bread with sea salt and oregano.

We often use a little apple cubes in and that just makes it super fresh and delicious. But if you prefer not to use apple, you can swap it for 1-2 celery. We do this the times of the year when we are on strict Keto with weight loss in mind or are in ketosis. It gives you the same crunch but fewer carbohydrates.

1 person for lunch – 2 people for starters

What to use:

150 grams of fresh salmon that has been frozen for at least 24 hours
Half a red onion
Half green apple (the sour ones)
Half an avocado
Good with fresh dill
30 g sour cream 38%
1 teaspoon mustard
Juice from half lime (or a little lemon juice)
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Tip for recipe without apple:

You can replace the apple with celery. Use about 1 or 2 celery for each apple. It gives you the same crunch but fewer carbohydrates.


How to do:

  1. Cut the still semi-frozen salmon into small cubes and leave them in the fridge until they are no longer frozen.
  2. Chop onion, cut apple and avocado into cubes and mix it all in a bowl. Chop the dill and mix it in as well.
  3. Mix in the salmon pieces.
  4. Mix a dressing of sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper and lime and taste it before stirring it into the rest.

Serve as is or put a little green salad underneath.

Tips: If you make it with smoked salmon, it will be more stirred, a bit like a salmon salad. Also really delicious.

Below are links to some of ours best KETO salmon tartars:

Salmon tartare with apples (Celery can be used) and herbs is discreet and mild in taste
Salmon tartare with avocado cream

Bon Appetit

Love from Nat and Mike

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