Salmon tartare is a perfect starter all year round for parties or everyday.

Both because it tastes really nice, but also because it can easily be made in advance, which many people know is nice when it comes to cooking for more people. In addition, most people like salmon tartare. Which makes it a super Keto and Low-Carb dish for party or friends dinners.

Having to cook for many people, as you often have to for gala or party dinners, can put the hostess or host a little under pressure.

Everything we can do in advance will be made in advance. Since we can then have fun with our guests, but it is not because we can not stand in the kitchen and talk and make the last or prepare the dishes, but it just gives so much more peace of mind to have made, as much as possible in in advance.

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Here we have our 3 best recipes for salmon tartars

  1. Salmon tartare with apples and herbs is discreet and mil in taste. However, we think it tastes great.
  2. Salmon tartare with avocado, apples, dill and sour cream. With a little smoked salmon, it becomes more stirred, a bit like a salmon salad. Still really delicious though.
  3. Salmon tartare with avocado cream. Salmon is always a hit.


That your fresh salmon must have been frozen for a minimum of 24 hours, as the salmon must be eaten raw!

How to make salmon tartare

It is very easy. You just have to do it a few days before or have a few fresh salmon steaks in the freezer all the time. They can also be purchased in supermarket frozen.

Here I have a whole salmon side that I bought at the fish market.

I start by cutting it out, as for salmon steaks pieces.

After which I can cut the pieces we need for salmon tartare out into small cubes and put them in a freezer bag and into the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours.

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You can also put the salmon steaks in the freezer, so you can choose whether to make one or the other.

You just take the salmon steaks out after a minimum of 24 hours and when they are still semi-frozen you can cut them into small cubes and back in the fridge until they are no longer frozen.

Hope it gave a better understanding of salmon tartare and how to start. From here it is incredibly easy, but it just requires you to have control of the fresh salmon.

A little tip:

With a little smoked salmon, the tartar becomes firmer and it also tastes really delicious

Below are links to our 3 best KETO salmon tartars:

  1. Salmon tartare with avocado, apples (Celery can be used), dill and sour cream
  2. Salmon tartare with apples (Celery can be used) and herbs
  3. Salmon tartare with avocado cream

Bon Appetit

Love from Nat and Mike

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