Is meat good for Keto? Yes

KETO is a popular variant of low carb / LCHF, where you eat so few carbohydrates that the body changes its metabolism to burn fat (and ketone bodies) instead of carbohydrates (glucose). It’s called ketosis..

KETO’s popularity is due to the fact that it is incredibly effective for weight loss. KETO stabilizes blood sugar and reduces appetite, so it feels more comfortable (or less uncomfortable) to be in a calorie deficit.

What vegetables and fruits can I eat on keto?
Asparagus. Broccoli. Brussels sprouts. Cabbage. Cauliflower. Celery. Cucumber. Green Beans.

Many people find that with KETO they completely lose their appetite and forget to eat, or that they have difficulty eating their portion up. Sugar cravings and cravings also disappear, and in many ways this is the opposite of what most often happens when going on a diet.

Diets are known to increase appetite and increase sugar cravings, which often leads to further overeating and thereby weight gain. Simply because the body (or rather the brain) perceives that there is a lack of energy and therefore emits strong eating signals, which can be difficult to resist.

On KETO, this does not happen to the same degree.

Whether it is due to the ultra-stable blood sugar or that the body retains the appetite-regulating hormones in the normal range or whether it is simply due to the body due to the low insulin level has free access to fetch energy in the body’s own fat stores and therefore does not interpret the situation as hunger. in fact not.

What do you eat at KETO? At KETO you eat vegetables, meat and fat.

  • Vegetables – especially lettuce and cabbage. As the aim is to keep the carbohydrate intake as low as 20-30 g per. today, salad vegetables and cabbage are good choices. If you primarily choose these as the green element on the plate, it may well be possible to eat 600 g of vegetables a day (if you want to).
Can you overeat on keto?
Beef, chicken, game, lamb, pork, and veal. Bacon, hotdogs*, organ meats, and sausage* Fatty fish and white fish, Crab, lobster, mussels, octopus, oysters, scallops, shrimp, and squid.

Keto recipe: Keto beef tenderloin with bearnaise sauce

Animal protein sources

In addition, you eat well with animal protein, ie. meat, fish, poultry, eggs and to some extent also dairy products such as cheese.

  • Animal protein is an important part of KETO. Partly because protein is the most satiating macronutrient but also because sufficient protein is important to succeed in losing fat weight without losing too much muscle mass at the same time.
  • Animal protein is unlike plant protein (beans and lentils for example) complete protein, which means that it contains all the amino acids, including the essential amino acids, which we must have covered through the diet.
  • Animal protein also does not contain any carbohydrates, which makes it possible to succeed in eating so few carbohydrates. The exception here is eggs, which actually contain a tiny bit of carbohydrate, but it is so little that it is not worth worrying about.

Healthy fat

In addition, you eat fat.

Fat is the body’s energy source or fuel source for KETO. With too little fat, it’s hard to get really full. Fat is obtained through protein sources, but most people need to add a little extra fat to their food as well.

However, it is not the case that you have to eat a certain amount of fat for ‘it to work’. You need to eat the amount of fat that makes you full so you avoid eating all sorts of other things.

If you can go from breakfast to lunch and from lunch to dinner without feeling noticeably hungry, you are eating ‘enough fat’. If you feel stuffy and a little nauseous all the time and the weight stands still (or goes up), you eat too much fat.

What Is the LCHF Diet?
Low-carb diets can aid weight loss and are linked to a growing number of health benefits.

Good sources of fat on KETO are all animal fats (ie the fat you get when you eat meat, fish, poultry, etc.). Other good sources of fat are butter, olive oil, avocado / avocado oil, coconut oil etc.

It is recommended to limit the intake of the omega 6-rich plant oils (sunflower oil, thistle oil, corn oil, soybean oil, grape seed oil and ‘unnamed vegetable oils’) due to their anti-inflammatory effect.

Can you eat unlimited on KETO? Yes and no.

The natural appetite suppressant is the strongest card for KETO when it comes to weight loss. For most people, by aiming to eat vegetables, meat and fat, they spontaneously reduce their calorie intake so that they lose weight.

It gives rise to a perception that one can ‘eat unlimited’ as long as the diet contains few carbohydrates. In reality, it happens that you succeed in eating your fill on fewer calories and therefore do not experience it as having to control your intake with willpower.

The appetite suppressant effect usually occurs during the first week, but in some it takes 3-4 weeks before it happens.

It is important to keep things separate here: it is the carbohydrate restriction that results in the loss of appetite, but it is the calorie deficit that causes the weight loss.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know and understand how KETO works, the better chance you have of not being yelled at off course when the doubt knocks on and ultimately to succeed with your weight loss.

KETO is simply dietary (vegetable-meat-fat), but you may need an understanding of why it gets bad before it gets really good and how to best ensure that your body makes the coveted switch to fat burning.

So what is KETO?

KETO is your way to a weight loss without it meaning you have to go and be hungry all the time. And that, in all its simplicity, is the secret behind KETO.

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